ladysparrow (ladysparrow) wrote,

A post about Nick, and why Nick is cool:

Hi Nick! Although we've only known each other for a relatively short amount of time, I feel like we've been friends for a lot longer. I find a kindred spirit in you - we think very much alike, and as a result I often find that you understand where I'm coming from in a way that few people are able to do. We have some fantastic conversations - you're intelligent and you give your opinions a lot of thought, which is something I really appreciate! I find you easy to talk to and always ready to lend a friendly ear, and I really enjoy just spending time with you. Our chats over coffee, losses on the pokies and silly laughs after too many drinks are some of my favourite memories - you've been a great friend to me and I feel lucky to have met you :). I hope we stay in touch for a long time to come.

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