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I am fucking fed up with this god-forsaken semester. I FUCKING HATE IT. Fuck study, fuck exams, fuck second year. All I want is for my exams to be over and to be on the way home. And I'm not even one day into the study break... great.

I'm studying over 8 hours a day, just to cover all the material before I go into exams. Never mind time for revision to make sure I know it all properly. I hate study breaks more than anything on this planet, more than anything in the entire universe. I can't stand the thought of nine more days of this hell... I really just have to keep reminding myself of what I'll get out of this course in the end. It's all that's keeping me going.


EDIT: And another thing: I'm sick and fucking tired of Renee. I'm fed up to the back teeth with her constant whining, complaining and general bitchiness. This morning I got yelled at for being in the bathroom for too long (I'd been in there for 10 minutes...), cos apparently I was keeping her from starting her study cos she had to wait for me. I yelled back, cos I was just so fucking sick of her constantly picking at me, and a fight ensued. I then retired to my room to do my work, and what do you know - she hangs around outside for ages with Will and doesn't end up starting her study anyway til almost 45 minutes later! I fucking hate the bitch - everyone else is stressed too and we can all manage it without taking it out on other people. Learn some fucking self-control why don't you...

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