June 10th, 2007

Jack 3

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Went to see Thirsty Merc play last night. They are absolutely, totally, completely amazing live - the lead singer is fantastic, and they're so good on their instruments that just listening to them play almost made me cry. They played all my favourite songs too, I was so totally in love by the end of the night :). I somehow managed to get first in line for signatures at the end of the show so they all signed my CD case - when I got to the lead singer I told him how amazing he was on the piano for their last song and how it almost made me cry, and he gave me a big hug!!!!!!!!!!! I'm not going to forget that for a very, very, VERY long time :D :D :D :D :D.

So I've pretty much had no sleep since my exams have finished - went to the pub all night the first night, went to see Frank Woodley (from Lano and Woodley) and co. perform The Complete Works of William Shakespeare the second night (absolutely HILARIOUS - my stomach muscles still haven't recovered from laughing!) and then went to Thirsty Merc last night. I've just had the best time, although I'm well and truly ready for an early night with my book tonight!

I'm home a week from today for a glorious seven weeks of holidays - can't wait to see you all. Hope everyone is keeping happy and healthy and that you're all coping with whatever study you have left. I'm thinking of you :)

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